The automotive industry is characterized by a large number of product variants and fluctuating production volumes. Every supply chain has to meet high standards in terms of both quality and flexibility. We develop customized, integrated transportation and logistics solutions all over the world always focusing on our key objectives: to reduce costs, streamline processes and make a crucial difference to the quality of the supply chain.


As an automotive manufacturer or supplier, you can rely on our unsurpassed worldwide networks for procurement, distribution and aftermarket logistics. Our optimized solutions ensure that your components and vehicles reach their destination quickly and reliably - using the whole range of transportation modes such as road, rail, sea or air freight – as well as storage services.


From new vehicles to critical parts, CTi has earned the trust of industry executives by proactively anticipating and overcoming problems. We have been called upon time and again to solve crises quickly and effectively. Because every project is different, we provide scalable solutions tailored specifically to project requirements, offering tailor-made service packages for international customers, brokers and manufacturers worldwide.


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