In today’s changing business environment, there is an increased focus on delivering value to the customer at the cheapest possible costs. Hotel companies, both big and small, must focus on how to offer products and services while keeping costs low.


One area of the hotel industry that is usually left out in cost cutting efforts is its logistics and supply chain operations. A well established logistics and supply chain management system can help the hotel industry give individual hotel companies a sustainable competitive advantage. The use of the right logistics and supply chain strategies helps not to only improve the quality and service of the hotel, but drive down costs.


CTi Supply Chain Management offers highly comprehensive, value-based supply management solutions in the hospitality industry. CTi Supply Management is a one-stop source bringing together complete, end-supply management solutions and project management services by linking owners with suppliers that meet or exceed brand operational standards and specifications. The hotel can highly benefit from our comprehensive and integrated practices of logistics and supply chain management, by delivering a consistently reliable and high quality service at the best costs.

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