CTi warehousing is the proven method to streamline your supply chain and reduce fixed costs associated with warehousing, inventory and overflow of storage. Whether your business needs more accessible space or assistance of some overflow storage for a short period of days to weeks, or you have slow moving stock which requires a longer term solution at desired location worldwide, CTi can assist with your needs.


Our solutions range from regular stock replenishment through a centralised warehouse, to extended global supply chain management. We can also help to extend these solutions to include sophisticated warehousing operations with full stock visibility for the hotel’s procurement departments. This reduces freight cost and delivery times. Our team has flexibility on site to permit accurate item call off and control at handover points. From the warehouse to the final destination, our online CTiX web platform provides a real-time overview of a project’s status.


Providing either excess warehousing or complete 3PL services, our warehousing, storage and pick & pack facility is ready to offer personalised service tailored to your needs, yet large enough to give your business all the room it needs for future growth.


For inquiries please email operations@control-towers.com