A personal service-oriented CTi realizes the need for white glove service requirements in the Hotel & Resort industry thus designing customized logistics solutions to fit the needs and requirements of each individual project.


CTi is an expert in turnkey FF&E logistics services. Serving the world's finest hotels, we understand our customers want a provider that not only moves freight but more importantly creates out of the box tailored solutions for them. We differentiate our customers' final results through customization of logistics solutions specific to project requirements, world-class, real-time communication. Trusted by many famous names in the hotel industry, CTi understands the critical nature of the FF&E business and exceeds the standards expected by our five-star clients.


From new hotels to critical remodels, CTi has earned the trust of top industry executives by proactively anticipating and overcoming problems. We have been called upon time and again to solve crises quickly and effectively. Because every project is different, we provide scalable solutions tailored specifically to project requirements, offering tailor-made service packages for international hotel, casino operators and makers of luxury consumables.

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