Our Philosophy




Quality and excellent service are the keys to our success. As an international company, we are experienced in integration – which is always adapted to the culture of the respective country. We ensure our quality and support our customers in their markets with advanced knowledge, new technologies and a great willingness to help, whereever you are.


Our vision is to be recognized as the preferred supply chain management provider specialized in cross trade logistics. With our highly experienced professionals and advanced technologies, we are dedicated to offering the best international Solution Services that enable our customers to make Fastest, Safest and Most Financially Saving decisions in their daily work.

Our goal is to find the very best logistic solutions for our customers. We work with a largest base of professionals, A-class carriers that provide the outstanding quality at the cost level for our customers. We know which transport companies are efficient and deliver quality. We instantly know which operators are the best for air, road or ocean  transport to save your precious time and money.

Control Towers International B.V. with advanced operational processes and integrated ICT-platform is meeting the highest level of quality and innovation. Our core competence is built around staff with a solid expertise of supply chain management and in-house superior ICT system.

We provide our customers with full control and visibility both in choosing the best-in-class service providers and in managing their own supply chains. Our reward comes from the satisfaction of our customers, their customers and associates as we proud to become a vital link in our customers' success.




Control Towers International offers one point of contact for all cross trade operation needs. Our customers get access to our global network of logistics service providers, with one order interface, one order reference, one track-and-trace engine and one invoice.




Our skilled and experienced team utilize efficient and scalable tools to fulfill various needs. We believe that what needs to be improved also needs to be measured. Key performance indicators and deviation follow up, assure continuous improvement, enabling service offerings always to match the actual demands of our customers.




We work with a capacity-based business model that reflects the customers actual volumes. In practice, this means no more capital tied in fixed assets, such as systems or people. Our solutions are scalable and immediately adjustable to your business cycle. By sharing development efforts and expertise with other clients, you will benefit from economies of scale.




We run our businesses in Logistics Control Tower. The Logistics Control Tower is managed by skilled personnel whom manage and master cross trade techniques, on behalf of our customers, such as drop shipping, remote warehousing and distribution-The key to insure long-term profitability and growth. Our services are scalable, flexible and offer several different services within outsourcing of development and operations. The services are focused on distribution and adjacent processes while incorporating best-in-class logistics and IT capabilities.


For additional information, please contact us at: operations@control-towers.com