Control Towers International is a 4PL Freight Management Solution Provider with a unique set up, that arranges a complete package of critical shipping and fully customized logistic chain for your urgent needs.

CTi's expertise in time sensitive cross trade logistics. Throughout all the years and in everything we do, we have focused most of all on the time saving adaptation for our clients, improving techniques and erasing any boundaries to deliver an exceptional result in time. We have embraced the concept of ‘best solution management’ and have sought to empower ourselves to live and to breath for our valuable customers. Being anywhere in the world, at any time and cost we are on the stand by to prove our reliability, excellent performance and high professionalism. 

CTi is available to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days at any time or location and aims to provide a level of trust, reliability and quality of service that always delivers the best possible results. In addition, our 10 languages speaking team has years of experience with customs and government authorities worldwide

Due to the world markets developing ever faster the pressure on Logistic Providers is constantly growing to develop a better global structure that will save resellers and end-users substantial amount of lead time and costs than ever before. CTI has developed a unique solution set that is changing the way shipments are handled and is about to transform the industry globally.

CTi is provides cutting edge technology to manage and handle critically required shipments internationally, covering all regions and time zones globally. CTI will position itself as a Market Leader for “Time Critical” shipments in the industries of aerospace, automotive, marine and procurement.


Our total years of experience accumulates to 28 years “Time Critical” logistics. To-date we have dealt with the most challenging situations in the industry and provided solutions through flexibility, goal orientation, highly motivated problem solving and uncomparable unique results.

CTi has been awarded many contracts of exclusivity by airlines and operators. CTi aims to find specialized solutions for the clients. Our team of logistic management solutions experts are people you can place your confidence in, providing a single point of contact and responsibility for all your logistics needs.


Our team of dedicated operations experts and freight consultants provide our customers with an optimized solution for the specific situation.  It is our job to make the process of critical shipments as seamless as possible to the customer and his goods.

With a full suite of global, urgent transportation services, we have the ability to optimize solutions for every shipment. Our experienced team can quickly assess a critical situation, identify transportation alternatives and implement a delivery solution that meets your time and cost requirements. CTi is committed to finding our customers the necessary logistics solution to fill your needs.

CTi is a privately owned company and is not committed to any specific network, which give us a total flexibility and freedom to serve our clients in the most efficient way, allowing us to act as a Freight management Solution Provider on your behalf when working with cross trade logistics.


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