Rapid Response Air Transport

AOG (Aircraft on Ground) situations require rapid response times. When an airline or maintenance provider encounters a critical component failure that requires immediate attention, our AOG team will deliver your part on the First Flight, or as quickly as possible to minimize aircraft downtime.

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Advanced and Specialized Cargo

CTI’s dedicated engine team (engines@control-towers.com) will manage your oversize and specialty shipments, providing you with peace of mind. Whether we’re assisting you with engines, landing gear, or other oversize parts, our team will deliver it faster.

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Private, Specialty Services

During certain AOG situations, there arises a need for an elevated level of response. This is precisely where our Charter and OBC teams step in! Our dedicated charters@control-towers.com division specializes in addressing your charter and OBC needs.

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Private, Specialty Services

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the skies. CTI delivers tailor-made Road Freight and Dedicated Drive solutions to suit your needs.

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Local Storage, Distribution and Customs

With a commitment to security, scalability, and customer satisfaction, our warehousing solutions and support in the complexities of customs procedures will give you the assurance you need.

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Our Company Values



Specialized services that exceed your expectations

Our knowledgeable and experienced team of freight forwarding and aviation focused experts offers an unparalleled service to our customers throughout all stages of the supply chain process through a vast array of warehousing, logistics and complex transportation solutions.


Tailored freight solutions that work for you

With a wealth of expertise in the aerospace freight sector, CTI has cultivated a vast network of resources and capabilities to seamlessly address market demands. We excel in our ability to swiftly and efficiently adapt to and fulfill all our customers' freight requirements.


Dedicated to delivering high-quality results

CTI is a customer-centric enterprise fully committed to elevating customer satisfaction and forging enduring, robust partnerships with our clientele. Our teams adopt a proactive and dependable approach, ensuring our customers efficiently meet their freight forwarding requirements.


100% focused on our customers. committed to care

Elevating the quality of our customer care ranks at the forefront of CTI's priorities. We approach all customer interactions with unwavering professionalism, loyalty, and transparency, fostering authentic, personal connections while delivering expertise and resources that surpass their expectations. Additionally, CTI maintains a steadfast commitment to the well-being of our workforce, continuously striving to enhance employee experience, talent retention, productivity, and overall job satisfaction.

Tailor-made solutions combining
expertise with a personal approach

AOG & First Flight

Rapid Response Air Transport

Engines & Oversize

Advanced and Specialized Cargo

Charters & OBC

Private, Specialty Services

Road Freight & Dedicated Drive

Expedited Ground Solutions

Warehousing & Customs

Local Storage, Distribution and Customs

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